South City Church


In 2005, a small group from Old Orchard Presbyterian Church led by Jay Simmons was sent out to plant a new church in the South City area of St. Louis. This group desired to see God build his church and use it to transform a divided city into one united by the Gospel. Two years later, the group merged with Olive Branch Presbyterian Church, a 125-year old125-year-old church in the city. In 2008, South City Church was organized as a “particular church” in the Presbyterian Church in America.

Over the next several years, South City Church experienced God’s blessing as we grew steadily in both membership and excitement for His mission. In 2012, the Lord provided us with a permanent home in the Shaw neighborhood. At the same time, we were also blessed with the arrival of a co-lead pastor, Mike Higgins. Pastor Mike and Pastor Jay were thrilled to lead our church together, longing to represent all of God’s kingdom with diversity, obedience, and vitality.

Following Pastor Jay’s move in 2014, we called one of our pastoral interns, Sam Haist, to fill the role of Assistant Pastor, and then eventually Associate, Pastor. At that time, Sam was a recent seminary graduate and our only full-time pastor. Pastor Mike became the lead pastor while keeping his part-time schedule in order to split his time between South City Church and work at Covenant Seminary.

Through the years, South City Church has experienced both the joys and challenges that arise when seeking to live out the truth of the Gospel. Periods of heartache and passion, conflict and restoration have impacted our community – not to mention a global pandemic. Through these seasons our congregation has fluctuated from 250 members in 2012 to 75 during the pandemic to approximately 100 currently, with a trend towards growth.

Historically, we have faced the challenge of frequent turnover – of worship directors, lead pastors, assistant pastors, youth leaders and administrators. In many ways, our church has been shaped by transition. We are blessed to have a close relationship with Covenant Seminary and routinely have Covenant students who serve as interns, one of our most beloved assets. They Our interns have brought much enthusiasm, hope and talent to South City Church. However, internships end and interns typically move away. With constant change, we have struggled to crystalize our church’s missional direction. It has often been shaped by new individuals with new vision.

In this current season, we celebrate the Lord’s work among us and his faithfulness. In the Summer of 2021, Mike stepped down as senior pastor and Brad Matthews stepped into the role of interim pastor. Shortly after, our church established a pastoral search committee to prayerfully seek out the next Senior Pastor of SCC. In January 2023, Mike officially retired from ministry in the PCA, and was elected Pastor Emeritus by our congregation to honor him for his labors among us. We are excited for a continued relationship with Pastor Mike as he uses his gifts to consult and teach on issues of cross-cultural engagement in the larger Church.

In the Summer of 2023, Logan Ford was recommended by the search committee to the session to be the next senior pastor of SCC. The session then held a congregational meeting where Logan was officially elected as Senior Pastor, and then was installed in October 2023. Logan and his wife, Emma have been attending SCC since they began studying at Covenant Seminary in the Fall of 2019. Logan previously served SCC as a pastoral intern, and then after graduating seminary as an Assistant Pastor.

All through this short but deep history, we have had the privilege of seeing God at work in our midst. In many ways, He has taken our initial desires and dreams and made them a reality. He has done it in His own unique and gracious way in each of our church’s seasons. He reminds us that if we have anything in which to boast, it is in Him and His plan to use a community of broken yet redeemed people to embrace and embody His Gospel.