South City Church


In 2005, a small group was sent out by Old Orchard Presbyterian Church to plant a new church in the South City area of St. Louis. This group desired to see God build his church – weaving together His people into His story of grace and redemption – and then to use that church to transform His city from a city divided by racism, suspicion, bigotry and self-righteousness into a city of worshippers – transformed by the glories of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

And then in 2007, the Lord brought the community of Olive Branch Presbyterian Church – a 125-year-old congregation in the city – to merge together with the community of South City Church. A year later, in May of 2008, we were organized as a “particular church” in the Presbyterian Church in America.

Over the next several years, we experienced God’s blessing as we grew steadily in membership and excitement for His mission. His blessings took on a new form in 2012, by answering our prayers for a permanent church home and a more visible presence in South City. The Lord provided us with the former building of Tyler Place Presbyterian Church – another 125 year-old congregation – to have a presence in the Shaw neighborhood.

Since that time, we have experienced all of the joys and many of the challenges that arise when seeking to live out the truth of the Gospel. And now in 2021, we find ourselves in a season of transition as we enter into an interim process during which we are searching and preparing for the next lead pastor of the congregation.

All through this short but deep history, we have been privileged to see God take our initial desires and dreams and make them a reality. He has done it in His unique and gracious way in each season of the church, reminding us that if we have anything to boast in, it is in Him and His plan to use a community of broken yet redeemed people to embrace and embody His Gospel.