Lent Devotional, Week One

Lent Devotional, Week One

Drought Prayer by Amy Pedersen.

I Come

God of Grace and Truth,

I come, sin-soaked and soul-sick
because You asked me to
because You threw open Your arms and said, “Come!”
So, unwashed and awkward, I come.

I do not know where we are going.
I barely know where I have been.
My feet, callous and crippled by the hardness of the road,
lose their footing.
I slow You down.

But just over the ridge,
just around the bend in the road,
a little too far for my straining eyes,
I hear You whisper, “Come!”
and I come.

by Amy Pedersen


Readings based on N.T. Wright’s Lent for Everyone and the Jesus Storybook Bible

[column columns=6]Day #1: Ash Wednesday
Mark 1.1-20
“The Story and the Song” pg. 12

Day #2: Mark 1.35-2.12
“The beginning: a perfect home” pg. 18

Day #3: Mark 2.18-3.6
“The terrible lie” pg. 28

Day #4: Mark 3.31-35
“A new beginning” pg. 38
[/column][column columns=6]
Day #5: Mark 4
“A giant staircase to heaven” pg. 48

Day #6: Mark 5
“Son of laughter” pg. 56

Day #7: Mark 6.1-13
“The present” pg. 62

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