Lent Devotional, Week Three

Lent Devotional, Week Three

Confession // Drought Prayer

Because the land is overgrazed
and the goats are thin
and the children are thin
and the hope (especially the hope) is thin.
Because the animals know
And you can see the quiet regret in their eyes.
Because we are without power
and our hands can’t move in those extraordinary ways
pulling the invisible strings of the clouds.
Because we see the clouds,
because we hear the thunder,
and because it breaks a little piece of the heart
when they move on
still carrying their rain.
Because the mealies grow dry
and small on the stalk.
Because You are the Bread of Life.
Because we are Your children.
Because we hunger.

Readings based on N.T. Wright’s Lent for Everyone and the Jesus Storybook Bible

[column columns=6]Day #15: Mark 9.30-37
“The young hero and the horrible
giant” pg. 122

Day #16: Mark 9.38-50
“The Good Shepherd” pg. 130

Day #17: Mark 10.13-16
“A little servant girl and the proud
general” pg. 136

Day #18: Mark 10.17-31
“Operation ‘No More Tears’” pg. 144
[/column][column columns=6]
Day #19: Mark 10.32-45
Daniel and the scary sleepover pg. 152

Day #20: Mark 10.46-52
“God’s messenger” pg. 160

Day #21: Mark 11.1-11
“Get ready!” pg. 170

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