Ferguson: What Went Wrong? // Full Audio

A Panel Discussion hosted by New City Fellowship. Sunday evening, September 7th, 6:00pm at their main campus in University City. 1483 82nd Blvd.

Full audio from the event: Click here

“We discussed some troubling scenarios that people are preparing for in Ferguson if there is no indictment. We discussed this possible outcome on the panel. This was 90 minutes of very necessary dialogue.”

 Mike Higgins, South City Church

Moderator: Pastor Tony Myles, Associate Pastor at New City – U. City


Anthony Gray, Attorney for the family of Michael Brown

Darwin White, Counselor from Allied Behavioral Consultants

Al Johnson, Attorney; Director of New Covenant Legal Services

Lauren Grady, Attorney: Board Member of New Covenant Legal Services

Pastor Mike Higgins, Co-Lead Pastor at South City Church


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