Prayers of the People – 1st Week of Lent

Prayers of the People – 1st Week of Lent

Reflection & Prayer during the Season of Lent

Elder Stacey Clear shared this prayer at a worship service during Advent, another season of penitence and preparation. Recently the seasons of Lent and Advent have intersected a great deal in the ways we prepare for worship, and ask the Lord to prepare our hearts to be in awe at his presence and grace.

Wonderful Counselor we are grateful for the opportunity to come before you in prayer – we are suffering the consequences of sin in a fallen world and it just wears us out. We need you Lord. Our faith is like the bruised reed and the smoldering wick. We thank you that you are the God who does not break the bruised reed or put out the smoldering wick. We need you to show us your kingdom and give us words to speak against doubt. Encourage us in the midst of this to see your Kingdom come.

Some of us are distracted and already worn out by all of the activity and demands of the holiday season and have lost our focus on you. Give us joy in worship today, lift up our heads and open our eyes to your kingdom. Remind us of the true Christmas story that the Christ child is Emmanuel, God with us.

Lord there is much evil in the world wanting to destroy us. We are anxious and fearful for our families and ourselves. We are supposed to be joyful, but terrorists and crazy shooters hide among us, we watch our friends suffer from horrible diseases, it seems like every day brings some news of injustice and racial strife.

Lord you are our Mighty God! We praise your mighty power that created all good things, that overcomes the evil one and death, and that raised Jesus from the dead. You are our strong tower, our strength, we trust that you are not the author of evil and that none of this is bigger than you, or outside your plan. We look forward to complete freedom from sin and all of its corruption, the redemption of all things, the end of all pain, sickness, sorrow and death.

Lord we must admit that we bring much suffering on ourselves by trying to live life on our own terms and not trusting you. We admit that much of our weariness is a result of trying to get what we want – instead of always asking and thanking you for what we need.

Everlasting Father – give us thankful hearts, and hearts that want to obey you. Thank you for coming after us when we forget about you and for always giving us good gifts that we do not deserve. Thank you for the church, for this particular uncommon family, for worship, for fellowship, for buildings and boilers. Thank you for giving us the great gift of salvation – remind us of all of this when we’re tearing up the wrapping paper in a few days and dealing with awkward family issues, or worse: loneliness. You have adopted us into your family as sons and daughters – forever.

Lord you are our Prince of Peace. Our Lord who will end violence and strife by making things just and right. Lord reconcile things to yourself, make us right with you so that we can be reconciled with others and direct them to you.
Lord bring justice where racism is tolerated, where immigrants are mistreated, where widows and orphans are not cared for. Humble those who are in power who govern us, so that they will seek wisdom and even follow you. Raise up servants who will govern well and justly. Give us as citizens the wisdom and discernment. Shine a bright light on injustice so that no one can deny that it exists. Give us courage and hope to speak against it, stir us up so that no good is left undone.


We are gathering prayers and reflections from different people in our uncommon family during this season. Please contact [email protected] if you want to share something you’ve written