Music Director Position

South City Church is accepting resumes for a new Music Director. If you are interested in directing music at a stylistically diverse church with an outreach-oriented mindset please submit your resumes to our committee at [email protected].

Thank you,

The Music Director Committee

Position: Music Director

Reports to: The Session

This is a part-time salaried position estimated at 10 hours of work per week. Priority Attributes / Skills:

  • Leadership or supervisory experience
  • Experience leading a worship team, band, and/or choir in a wide array of musical styles required
  • Administrative / organizational strength / skills
  • A personal relationship with Jesus Christ that embraces a Biblical worldview
  • Evidence of a Godly life and a demonstrated Christian walk
  • Is an active, involved member of South City Church or another PCA or theologically Reformed church community
  • An increasing knowledge and love for South City Church’s mission, vision, and core values and a willingness to become a member if hired
  • A desire for and understanding of working in a diverse urban context
  • Bachelor’s degree or higher in music or theology preferred

Areas of Oversight

Staff Responsibilities

  • Attends weekly staff meetings or meets with pastoral staff independently on a weekly basis
  • Provides regular updates to the Pastors (and session) on worship
  • Is responsible to uphold church policies in word and deed as encapsulated in the South City Church membership vows

Worship & Music Ministry Responsibilities

  • Oversees worship team of staff and volunteers
  • Oversees sound & A/V team to ensure smooth production
  • Recruits, trains and maintains relationship with volunteers for the worship / music team, choir, and A/V team
  • Oversees the music for special events, including (but not exclusively): Easter, Christmas, church anniversaries and celebrations. (Additional compensation for these services/events will be determined at a later date)
  • With the Communications Director and ministry leaders, assists in providing regular updates / publicity about worship ministry events to our congregation or outside of our congregation as applicable
  • Responsible for oversight of worship / music budget; provides excellent stewardship of the resources available to this ministry
  • Coordinate with youth and children’s ministry leaders to ensure young people’s involvement in occasional worship services
  • Maintain Planning Center and CCLI
  • Produce slides/song lyrics for weekly services
  • Oversee the maintenance of instruments and music equipment
  • This position is subject to at least an annual review with the Session
  • This position allows up to six Sundays off provided leadership is accounted for.
  • The Director of Worship is expected to be present for holiday (Christmas, Easter) service
Updated: October 2019